Community Rivers – River Health Monitoring

Community Rivers – River Health Monitoring

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Student Entry -- Commendable Effort
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Community Rivers (Daniel Syme) datasets used

Drainage Basins Queensland

Groundwater Observation Bore Sites

Surface Water Gauging Stations Queensland

Queensland Wetlands Mapping – Estates Layer including National Parks, Conservation Areas & Forest Reserves

Detox Your Home Locations (VIC)

Other datasets used
Community-owned river health data (Example data can be viewed here.

Community Rivers is a not-for-profit, community-owned organisation helping to protect Australia’s rivers, creeks, wetlands, estuaries and bays. We have developed an online database with GMap capabilities to enable volunteers to post river health information collected from local waterways.

By incorporating the Mashup data into the site, volunteers can now view Government GIS mapping information to help strategically position their local river monitoring sites. For example, they can identify Government surface water monitoring stations, ground water bore sites, major river basins and protected areas across Queensland. They can identify Detox facilities around Victoria to encourage local communities to dispose of toxic substances, such as paint and batteries, at appropriate facilities to prevent them being illegally dumped down drains or directly into our rivers and creeks.

If you have been collecting data on the health of your local river, creek or wetland from anywhere around Australia and would like to submit you information online through our community-owned website, please send us a message using the Contact Us button on our home page at

3 Responses to “Community Rivers – River Health Monitoring”

  1. Adam Kennedy says:

    This is a really interesting and valuable site, and one of the few in the competition that will live on and evolve in the long term after this competition is over.

    It provides a huge service for a very specific and focused community.

    The only niggly complaints I have is that all the overlay mapping data vanishes if you zoom in more than half way (just as it’s starting to get close enough to be interesting) and the colours used for the markers could be better, they are harder to see than they might be when you have the satellite imagery turned on.

    But in general excellent work, and just needs a little polishing.

    • Keir Jarvis says:

      Hi Adam,
      Many thanks for your generous feedback.

      Daniel has begun investigating possible ways of increasing the zoom capabilities of our data overlays down the track. Unfortunately, we are currently restricted by the need to convert the available GIS-based ESRI Shape files (.shp) to make them compatible with Gmap. We are hopeful that Daniel will find a way to rectify this in the future, and greatly appreciate your feedback on this matter.

      Thanks again,
      Keir Jarvis
      Management – Community Rivers

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