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Highly Commendable Mashup datasets used

NSW Rural Fire Service – Major Updates

NSW Rural Fire Service – Current Incidents (ACT)

Other datasets used


Google Maps

Yahoo Placemaker

Firemash is a real time service that analyses notices from the NSW Rural Fire Service and the community for warnings and sightings.

It combines and analyses all of this information to determine the location and proximity to your house.

If you are at risk, it instantly sends you a specific tweet, giving you the crucial early warning needed to stay safe.

Judges' Comments: A timely entry that analyses notices from the state of New South Wales’ Rural Fire Service and sends you a tweet if you are at risk. The judges were particularly impressed with this entry’s use of different services and its real time web goodness. The ability for citizens to submit fire information and be notified of nearby fires was quite unique. The dual purpose – citizen to Government and Government to citizen – possibilities with this site made it one of the few submitted mashups to explore data in this way.

8 Responses to “Firemash”

  1. Aaron Trenorden says:

    Hey, this is really quite good

  2. keryn kefous says:

    Great idea
    When do we get this in the ACT!!

  3. Frank says:

    this is so busy – can you make it alot more simpler?

    • Jon Sullivan says:

      I’d have to agree with Frank.

      Making a website which is be accessed by the general public should be simple and easy to use – I’m confused at why you have had to make it such a busy and messy layout – especially with the choice of font – don’t even get me started with using images without alts to replace your text!


  4. Harshit Sekhon says:

    Are you planning to use any other keywords/hashtags to pick up fire incident locations?

  5. Firemash says:


    Thank you for all the feedback, I hope you enjoyed using Firemash.

    I apologise for the heavy use of images. I am a developer, and spent my time ensuring the calculation engine was correct and the system could extend and scale easily.


  6. The Absurd says:

    It looks great, so I don’t really agree that it looks too busy. That should be easily solved by putting the instructions on a different page, and displaying a little more emphasis on the map, so might be worth a try.

    It’s hard to criticise the idea as if it works or not will depend on a time where there are big fires, but I do think it’ll offer a perspective that will be somewhat unique compared to other bushfire maps. Good work!