Geocoded List of Medicare Office Locations

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James Dellow datasets used
Location of Medicare offices
Other datasets used

Geocoded using this online service:

The data is hosted on Google Spreadsheets.

A geocoded ATOM feed (suitable for Google Maps) of Medicare offices. This data was originally provided as an .XLS file and has been converted to a geocoded ATOM feed to help make the data ‘more mashable’. It is viewable as a plain HTML page here.

Please note: The geocoding of the original data has not been checked other than a quick visual review of the points plotted on a Google Map. It would be preferable if Medicare could provide their own verified geocoded data file.

8 Responses to “Geocoded List of Medicare Office Locations”

  1. Michael Harris says:

    This is great. I’ve thrown together a quick mashup of the data to show how it might be used:

    Its pretty basic at the moment, sucking the data straight from the the ATOM feed, and using the Google Maps API to render the information. I’ve also added popup markers with the details of each office and am in the process of adding a get directions link to the marker popup.

  2. Mike Seyfang says:

    Nice work Michael – I learnt a lot about mashing up google spreadsheet data with google maps from your little html page, thanks!

    I would be most interested to learn how best to work with this dataset in Google Earth.

  3. James Dellow says:

    Michael/Mike – I’m glad you found this little set of data useful, in one way or another. I didn’t really submit it as serious mashup competition contender but rather to demonstrate how it it relatively straight forward to make it a little easier for non-programmers to start mashing.

    Mike – re: KML file. If you visit (the site I used to geocode this data) they have an option to export as a Google Earth KML file.

  4. Michael Harris says:

    V0.2 of the sample using the Geocoded feed is up, now includes geolocation for supported browsers.

  5. Michael Harris says:

    Should have put up the new URL for the sample mashup as well:

  6. Ryan Scott says:

    Nice article, and great usage Michael (thought I recognized your name… and can’t miss that logo!…. =)

    You’ve just given me thought for about 5 uses for this right now. I think I’ll have to drop you an email….

  7. Thomas Shaw says:

    You could do exactly the same google maps mashup with the Centrelink data.

    Ryan.. haven’t seen you around since early SD days!

  8. Ryan Scott says:

    Great to see you here. aaah, should have known you would be into this, you’ve been doing the Job recruitment stuff for years. No it all makes sense =)