It's Buggered Mate

It's Buggered Mate

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All the Lonely People (Julian Doherty and Ken Hoetmer)
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Tell your local council what is buggered in your neighbourhood. Find your location on the map, then scribble on it, and leave notes about what is wrong.

5 Responses to “It's Buggered Mate”

  1. Chad says:

    Fantastic idea. Smart. Well done.

    My suggestion would be to provide a map of incidents.

    1. You’ll know if someone else has already reported a bugger-up.
    2. You’ll know what is buggering up in your area.
    3. It will show how good/bad the particular councils are at solving bugger-ups.

    I know: it’s easy to suggest things, a little harder to implement, but if a map was available, I’d be jumping on Facebook right now and sending this link to all my friends.

    Once again, great idea.

  2. Jose Diacono says:

    such a simple solution to a universally frustrating problem – you don’t know who to report a problem to and it takes too long to find out/do it – and you don’t get to find out whether your notification has actually been acted on. By reporting back to the notifier this will make it worthwhile for people to report problems and gradually increase confidence in ‘the authorities’.

  3. Jose Diacono says:

    another thought, it can be used to ‘vote’ on what needs fixing so councils etc can prioritise – do they fix the swingset in the park or the hole in the road? and to identify everything that needs fixing in an area to make their staff more efficient – e.g in my park the bin is broken, the swingset is broken, the roadsign close by has been stolen, there is graffiti etc. this could hugely reduce the number of phone calls to call centres (and people sitting on hold).

  4. Terry says:

    Great idea. Here are some potential subsets:

    Its Leaking Mate – to inform of leaking taps, pipes, bubblers etc.

    Its Raining Mate – to inform when sprinklers are on in parks
    during rain.

    It Needs Clipping Mate – to inform when tree branches obstruct roads,
    obscure pedestrians from oncoming traffic, obstruct footpaths, obscure
    roadsigns & street names.

    These cover sustainability, safety, wastage and damage issues.

  5. Mike Seyfang says:

    Heard about this via @nicholagruen and the Prime Minister.

    Inspiring choice of names – I wish I had said that.
    In fact, I think I will:

    #bbfuture – #nocleanfeed = #itsbuggeredmate

    i.e. If the future of the Australian national broadband network includes filters which tame the generative net & chill innovation by preventing unforseen uses from emerging then we are all buggered, mate.

    Great work.