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LobbyLens (Kelvin Nicholson, Christian Hope, Doris Spielthenner, Michael Cordover, Alexander Sadleir)
data.australia.gov.au datasets used

Lobbyists Register data

Australian Federal Electoral Boundaries

Other datasets used
AusTender Contract Notices Extract, Australian Business Register, ABS Postcode Boundaries, OpenAustralia Members of Parliament and Portfolio responsibilities, OpenStreetMap

LobbyLens correlates data about Federal Government business over the last 3 financial years. It shows the connections between government suppliers, government agencies, politician responsibilities, lobbyists, clients of lobbyists and the location of these entities. These connections are displayed through unique visualisations such as interactive network graphs and geovisualisation.

Judges' Comments: LobbyLens shows connections relevant to government business (e.g., government suppliers, government agencies, politician responsibilities, lobbyists etc.). For the judging panel, the relationship visualizations that this entry gave aligned well with much of purpose of Government 2.0 even if its usability needs a lot of work.

One Response to “LobbyLens”

  1. Lauren says:

    Is there any chance the data could be more readable in table rather than using third party resource heavy flash applications.