NeoGopher 16 lists and 26 HTTP APIs

NeoGopher 16 lists and 26 HTTP APIs

View NeoGopher 16 lists and 26 HTTP APIs

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Transformation Challenge
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NeoGopher datasets used
NSW Crime data ACT – Barbecue (BBQ) Locations Australian Atlas of Mineral Resources, Mines and Processing Centres Australian Broadband Guarantee program data Austrics Timetable set Byteback™ locations (VIC) Commonwealth Agencies Crime incident type and frequency, by capital city and nationally Detox Your Home Locations (VIC) Economic Stimulus Package Project Data (community infrastructure & road & rail projects) Fire Brigade Locations (VIC) Location of Centrelink Offices Location of Medicare offices Mildenhall photographs of early Canberra Northern Territory Place Names PLGR – Playgrounds (ACT) Police Station Locations (VIC) Powerhouse Museum Collection Public Internet Locations (VIC) ResourceSmart Retailers (VIC) School Locations (VIC) Solar Report (VIC) South Australian Boat Ramp Locator South Australian Recreational Boating Hazards Map TOLT – Public Toilets (ACT) Water consumption in Melbourne

Our submission has two parts:

Part one: 16 MashupAustralia lists in NeoGopher.
NeoGopher is a universa data browser developed in Melbourne, Australia and is designed to allow browsing of an HTTP web based API. NeoGopher is the intersection of linked data and the web. We have created 16 NeoGopher lists, each list presenting a data set from To see our MashupAustralia lists, download NeoGopher

Part two: 26 HTTP web based APIs.
We have converted CSV and XLS data from into 26 HTTP web based XML APIs. These APIs are accessible by the public and support Xquery access including searching, sorting, paging and return compressed XML.

Judges' Comments: This provides a pretty comprehensive set of transformation and API access to many of the datasets in one place.

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