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Contest Winner
Best Student Entry
Created by
Gov Data Plumbers (Raul Caceres, Roberto Arias and Daniela Fernandez) datasets used
NSW Crime Data Crime incidents data – 2004 International Crime Victimisation Survey (ICVS) (Australian component)
Other datasets used
2006 Census of Population and Housing Data

Our main goal when we approached this contest was to find ways to use different data sources in a practical way for the benefit of the wider community.

We explored information from the 2006 Census and crime incident data and selected some key points that we considered significant in the decision making process of anyone choosing where to live. Suburb Matchmaker also benefits people that want to know more about the area they live at and provides crime data trends to see how your area is evolving.

We believe that one of the major benefits of using open government data is that it bridges the gap between the information provided by public agencies and the citizens reacting to that information to engage in and with their communities. Suburb Matchmaker empowers inhabitants of any area wanting to attract more people to use its functionality to promote their events and other highlights with the use of visual media.

Web applications like Suburb Matchmaker that provide access to information and engage citizens reacting positively to this data could promote the creation of communities that become more integrated and self-sufficient

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  2. REALLY cool site, Raul – I hope you will win the prize!. When will you arrive, do you know? I am out of town from 24 Dec to 1st jan.
    Muchos besos

  3. ryan says:

    love it!

  4. Raul says:

    Thanks Ginger. I will send you an email with my details of when I arrive in LA.
    Talk soon :)

  5. @lfonso says:

    Very funny site, it works in many diferents ways, whether you seek a place with low crime or the perfect place to find single girls, the site is very useful.

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