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Michael Harbour datasets used
School Locations (VIC)

Wanted an easy way to add some data to a site with minimal work. I used uploaded the file and tweaked a couple of fields. I have contacted the company to find out how I can create the source, but have not heard. Using the app, you can search all schools listed or search for a school by name or location.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    I’ve looked at mapspread myself as they offer a very nice interface for being able to upload datasets and create simple mapping applications.

    It does look like the load time of the application struggles a bit with the amount of data being displayed, so it might be worth having a chat to the guys at Poly9 (creators of mapspread) to see if there are any optimizations you can make to improve performance.

    Still – nice job.


    • Mike says:

      Thanks Damon

      I’ve actually been in touch with the guys and done some editing tonight and it seems much quicker to edit. They have promised the ability to add some data about the source.

      Thanks for the comments