Your Victoria Online

Your Victoria Online

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Chad Leverington datasets used

Fire Brigade Locations (VIC)

Hospital Locations (VIC)

Location of Centrelink Offices

Location of Medicare offices

Police Station Locations (VIC)

Public Internet Locations (VIC)

School Locations (VIC)

Detox Your Home Locations(VIC)

Byteback™ locations (VIC)

Locates the nearest Emergency Services, Government Services, Schools and Public Internet.

8 Responses to “Your Victoria Online”

  1. Chad says:

    would have loved to be able to add more to it. Would be good to add public transport (nearest bus/train stops etc) and public transport timetables, but that information is proving harder to get.

    • Chad says:

      Yeh well spotted, think i can add the “Detox Your Home Locations” and “Byteback locations”. On the todo list.

    • Chad says:

      added those data sets. Would like to add the locations of post boxes so you could find the nearest place to post your mail, but hard to get that dataset.

  2. Michael Harris says:

    Damm Chad, I was working on the exact same idea and you beat me to it.

  3. Nice Chad – thinking of doing something similar in QLD, however, datasets for up that way are a little harder to come by.

    Great job.