The Government 2.0 Taskforce invited you to MashupAustralia to help us show why open access to Australian government information is good for our economy and society.

The contest was open for entries from October 7th to November 13th 2009. To help get you started, we released some datasets under a Creative Commons licence (or a similar type of open licence) and in a range of mashable formats.

MashupAustralia Contest

Entries and voting for the MashupAustralia contest are now closed. Congratulations to everyone who submitted a mashup! Your hard work and creativity has helped show how useful tools can result from giving citizens greater access to government data.

Thanks are also due to everyone who participated in any of the terrific events held in support of the contest, or just visited this site to look at, comment or rate the mashups.

Our judges have looked at all 82 entries and are proud to announce the winners...

Winning Mashups

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