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9 Stereotypes That Australians Hate

Movies, TV shows, as well as countless TV commercials and tour guides, have resulted in the creation of different stereotypes about Australians. Most of these stereotypes revolve around the uniqueness of the environment that surrounds the Australians and their everyday lives. However, most of the people living in Australia disagree with these stereotypes and hate when being asked if they are true. 

So, take a look at this list of stereotypes below, as it may come in handy. The next time you meet a new Australian friend, you might wanna know what topics to avoid.

All Australian Animals are Lethal

The fact that Australia is home to some of the most dangerous species like poisonous snakes and spiders, and predators like sharks and crocodiles, has been overly exaggerated. The probability you meeting any of these creatures is very low, and Australians have learned to respect and cherish their environment as well as all animals who are a part of it.

They Eat Vegemite All Day Every Day

Even though vegemite is consumed regularly by every Aussie, it doesn’t mean that is all they eat. The best way to enjoy it is by spreading in on a toast in a thin layer. 

Using Kangaroos As A Mean of Transport

Unlike the general opinion that Australians ride kangaroos or climb into their pouches, this is not true at all. Kangaroos can be spotted around urban areas, but they are not used as means of transport in any way.

All Australians Are Descendents From Ex-Convicts

Due to the historical fact that 164,000 British convicts have been transported to Australia between 1788 to 1868, most people think all Australians are descendants from these convicts. Over 6 million people living in Australia are immigrants of European or Asian ancestry.

Australia Is Actually A Desert

People around the world think of Australia as one huge desert. The truth is in fact more than 80 per cent of the population lives within 100 kilometres from the coast, mostly in urban areas.

Every Australian Knows How To Surf

Australia is surrounded by Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans, as well as many seas like Tasman and Timor. Therefore, Australia has over 10,000 beaches where both locals and tourists get to enjoy themselves all year round. Due to a high number of beaches and beach activities, there is a general misconception that every Australian is a light-haired surfer. In reality, only 10% of Australians know how to surf.

Australians Love Fosters Beer

In spite of the fact that Fosters is an Australian beer brand, this is definitely the beverage of choice for Aussies. This brand is in fact more popular with the British people. Local breweries are something that every Australian enjoys, and an occasional Victoria Bitter or Carlton Draught.

Australia Is The Land Of Eternal Summer

Although it is true that it can get really hot in Australia (up to 50°C;123. 3°F) it can also get extremely cold (−23.0 °C; −9.4 °F). Areas like Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania have regular snow seasons. 

All Australian Are Fit

This stereotype goes hand in hand with the one about surfers. It is not untrue that there are some extremely beautiful people who were born and raised here, but more than 60% of Australia’s population has been found to be obese.