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Best Sports Betting Sites Australia

Australian sports betting sites are immensely popular, given all of the great sports betting options available to Australians. In addition to the always exciting AFL and NRL in Australia itself, they are in a really convenient location to bet on American sports as well, given that American sports start early in the day in Australia. While watching European sports can be a challenge for Australians, as they are in an inconvenient time zone, betting options are available for those as well.

Of course, sports betting sites in Australia should only continue to increase in popularity, thanks to recent legislation in Australia that has taken a lot of wind out of the sails of the online poker industry as well as other online gambling operators. The law targets offshore betting companies that offer live betting online, such as live wagering during sporting events and the ability to bet on hands of poker as they happen. As a result, many offshore poker operators are leaving the country, freeing up more dollars for Australian sports betting companies. These Australian sports betting sites are the best of the best.

Ladbrokes Australia

If you’re a fan of horse racing and betting on it, Ladbrokes Australia is the place for you. They are among the leaders for horse racing betting, thanks to some features that allow bettors to earn increased payouts by making more intricate selections than are available at other sports betting sites in Australia. One such available market is the Pick Your Own odds feature, which lets bettors not only select which horse is going to win, but the margin by which they will win, which makes for longer odds and bigger payouts should your chosen horse win by that amount.

Horse bettors also have the option to pick a horse against the entire field, or the entire field against a given horse if they’d rather go in that direction. This works well for bettors when there is one big favorite in a race if you don’t believe that favorite horse will get the job done. Instead of having to pick just one horse to topple the favorite, you can instead back all of them and give yourself a better chance to win your wager.

Ladbrokes also offers a cool way to withdraw your winnings, in the form of the Ladbrokes ATM card. Winning bettors can bring their card to anywhere that they usually use an ATM and withdraw funds from their Ladbrokes accounts on the spot, as soon as winning bets are paid out. This is great for not only convenience purposes, but to aid with bankroll management, as being able to take funds out of your account at a moment’s notice can help prevent bettors from over-betting.

William Hill

When it comes to sports betting powerhouses across the globe, there aren’t many on the level of William Hill. Popular in Europe, Las Vegas, and beyond, their presence is certainly felt in Australia as well. With a polished interface that has been enjoyed the world over, along with an array of betting markets that is a product of their global reach, William Hill is on the short list of must-use sports betting sites in Australia.

William Hill offers betting markets for Australia’s biggest sports, including the AFL and NRL, as well as cricket, darts, and plenty of horse racing wagering options. But with their tent poles also stuck in Europe and at least a part of the United States, they also have some of the best markets for the NFL, NBA, and all of the major European soccer leagues just to name a few of the markets in which they are strongest.

Perhaps more important than the endless selection of betting markets offered by William Hill is the fact that they are one of the most trusted sports betting brands in the world. It is so important when choosing a new online sports betting site to go with a site with a strong reputation.

Think of it the way you would think about buying a new car. Sure, a less reputable dealer can potentially get you a lower price, but will they stand behind their product and offer you service the way a big dealer would? Probably not. So why choose a sports betting site that won’t provide you with the support you need? By doing so, you would only be hurting yourself.

William Hill has also earned a foothold as a major advertiser during some of the biggest sporting events in Australia. They’ve been a sponsor for the Australian Open tennis tournament in recent editions of the event, signaling that the tournament sees them as a legitimate operation, which is a good indicator that they are just that.


Sportsbet is another horse racing focused sports betting site in Australia, and one that offers the same convenient way of withdrawing funds as described above with Ladbrokes. The Sportsbet Cash Card allows players to take their money out at ATMs, or use it for gas, groceries, or wherever the appropriate payment processors are located.

The thing that sets Sportsbet apart, aside from its wealth of betting markets, is the fact that it carries over the ethos of one of Europe’s most fun sports betting sites, Paddy Power. Paddy Power, which is known for some of its wacky betting options such as markets on who the next pope will be, acquired Sportsbet, and has since brought some of its charm over to the Australian bookmaker. Among the results of that move are markets available for Australians for things like who the next reality show winner will be, or who will win awards at awards shows like The Oscars and beyond.

These Australian sports betting sites offer a great selection of markets and are respected brands in the industry, so you know that your money will be safe. But it’s the way that they go above and beyond those basics to be convenient for their customers that truly set them apart, which is what makes them the best.