Why is Casino Tourism so Popular in Australia?

Even if Australia has incredibly rich wildlife like no other place in the world, amazing cities, and many other touristic destinations, it has another attraction for tourists all around the world. Namely, in recent years, Australia has become one of the best places for casino tourism. This is giving the local operators the opportunity to grow. And as the competition is tough, many of them opt for offering various promotions such as the casino bonuses to attract the tourists.

But why is casino tourism so prominent in this part of the world? Why is the casino business growing there? Let’s take a look! 

Australia Supports

Australian government reimburses gambling as a great percent of their revenue comes from casinos. Logically, if it makes the economy thrive, it is considered beneficial for the country. Even if it is not considered as one of the main economic sources, it simply can not be neglected. In other words, casino tourism in Australia became a potential wealth source for this country. The Australian government also counts on the license fee funds. To be precise, this kind of fee is obligatory for all the casinos who own pokies – which is almost all of them. 

No taxes in Casinos

One of the major benefits of the Australian casinos is that there are no taxes on winnings. The casino players and gambling enthusiasts from all around the planet can come, play and get incredible winnings which are totally tax-free. Australian tax laws don’t consider gambling a profession, and this is one of the main reasons why there are no gambling taxes. Moreover, the games of chance in Australia are considered as luck, and the winner is allowed to keep the total sum. 

Great Location

When it comes to the location of casinos across the Austalia- they are basically everywhere. However, most of these locations are carefully planned in advance. Some of them are located near the most populated places and even near some other tourist attractions and landmarks. Furthermore, other Australian casinos are trying to offer something quite unique such as the incredible view from the resort. As we already know, Australia has incredible nature, beaches, ocean and sights that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. This is why some casino operators decide to build casinos near beaches or similar.

The Offer You Can’t Refuse

The potential tourists will have all in the palm of their hand. What that means is that the touristic destinations such as casinos have it all. Not only that most of them are equipped with accommodation, but some of them are turned into great resorts with other entertaining sectors, spas, bars and more. It is no doubt that the casino fans are going to be drawn to that offer. In addition, some of the world’s greatest casino resorts such as Crown Casino Melbourne are located in Australia. 

Cultural Trait

Casinos and gambling are present in Australia for a really long time, and it has become a great part of the Australian culture. So, if the tourist wants to experience the Australian culture at its finest, they should definitely visit a casino. Residents of Australia love to gamble, too which makes the whole casino-tourism culture much more relaxed and organic. The tourists from around the globe who come to Australia to visit some of the most famous casinos are looking forward to experiencing something like this.